Which hospital to choose if you have pneumonia treatment

A doctor at a hospital in New Delhi is advising hospital staff to choose which hospital to see if they are experiencing pneumonia.

The issue of whether or not to see a doctor during a flare-up of pneumonia is one that has arisen frequently with patients.

Many of the hospitals in the country are not treating patients well enough, the doctor said.

“We have seen patients with pneumonia for the last three years,” he said.

In most cases, a hospital is treating patients at home for respiratory infections, but some hospitals are not.

In New Delhi, the issue of which hospital is best for the patient is an important one, he said, adding that the government had asked hospitals to do a better job of addressing the shortage of doctors in the hospital system.

“There is a huge shortage of medical doctors in India, so it is a matter of priority,” he added.

The government has announced a Rs 1,200-crore national strategy for medical care.

A committee is looking at various options for doctors to help patients in the case of acute respiratory infections.

According to the government’s latest medical report, almost 3 lakh cases of acute pneumonia were reported in the national capital between March and October, an increase of 8 per cent over the previous months.

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