Face Pack

If looks could kill……………… well, they can.

Now a days almost everyone experiences a skin problem.
Specially, the younger generation.They suffer from dark circles under the eyes, acne, pimples, scars, tanning etc.
To get rid of these problems most of them try  in vain different products which are in the market and end up harming and spoiling
their delicate skin with the ill effects of chemicals in these products.

At SIDDHKALP  we take at most care to confirm that our formulations are purely herbal and the purity and efficacy of these herbs is to its fullest.

One such cosmetic medicine which is prepared according to the traditional method of preparing Ayurvedic cosmetics is SIDDHKALP

The ingredients, added to this face pack are carefully chosen to enhance the beauty of your tender and delicate skin and get rid of
different skin problems. This face pack not only cleanses the facial skin but also brightens and lightens the skin which makes the person fairer.
When used regularly, this face pack helps the individuals to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes, acne or pimples.
The scars or hyper pigmentation fades away and gradually vanishes to make your skin spotless.

Try SIDDHKALP AYURVEDIC FACE PACK for seven days and there is a fresh new face of yours  (……………..to make the kill) to be adored, And we are sure that you will make it a habit of using  none other thanSIDDHKALP AYURVEDIC FACE PACK  for rest of your life.

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