Quick Health Fixes

In this section you will find many treatments which are the easy and simple to do at home and are free.

Hot Water Therapy

This is my favorite and the most effective. In my opinion the digestive system of our body is like a car engine and should be take care of in the same way. We do the servicing of our car and tune the engine regularly which increases the engine life and efficiency.The moment we delay this or their is a problem in the engine the car starts giving trouble. Similarly our digestive system should be clean this way it will help in proper digestion of food and the gut can absorb maximum from whatever we consume.

Its simple just before you go to bed drink 1 or 2  glasses of hot water. This will cleanse the entire digestive tract of all the oily, greasy, sticky food you have eaten since morning. This is similar to what happens in a dish washer ( Hot water and steam is used to clean the used plates ).Well this is what my grand mother used to tell me and i did realize it in my teens.

This way the next day you will have a clean bowel movement( the engine of the car is ready to run  ) and also prevent gastric distention or bloating.

Try this sincerely and in just 2 days  time you start to see the benefits.

Sips of Hot Water in between meals

According to Ayurveda the PITTA is situated in the stomach which also represents the FIRE element. This fire burns what we eat and turns it into energy. So one should not drink fluids after finishing a meal ( for atlest 30 mins ) as it may extinguish the fire. Now this does not mean that you can consume alcohol because trust it would neither aggravate the fire ;).

Instead one should drinkk sips of hot water or warm water in between meals as this helps in the following way :

  • These sips of water rinse the mouth so you eat fondly as you get a new taste every-time.
  • Hot water helps in digesting the food.
  • It prevents bloating.
  • As this would also fill the stomach, it also stops you from overeating.

The best example is in some cultures we do find that herbal tea is served with meals instead of water .

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