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‘Pinky Eye’ Revival Video Goes Top 10 in UK Music Video Chart, Ranks 1st in US Music Video Market

The Pink Eye revival video for ‘Pony’ hit the UK Music Awards this week with the video going No. 1 on the UK charts and racking up a whopping 1.26 million views since its premiere on YouTube on Sunday.

The song’s chart debut comes on the heels of ‘Pooch,’ which debuted to No. 2 on the Billboard 200 last month and has sold more than 5.6 million copies.

The song also racked up more than 1 million views on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

The new Pink Eye video, which debuted at No. 18 on the chart on Sunday, has racked up 1.4 million views.

The video features new footage of Pink Eye getting her teeth cleaned and the band performing Pink Eye, with the song’s lead singer, Matt Skiba, dressed as Pink Eye and singing Pink Eye’s praises.

Skiba plays a piano and sings in a falsetto, while Pink Eye narrates the story.

The Pink Eye song has already become a huge hit on YouTube, having gone viral on the site in just four days after its release on February 9.

It has more than 6.5 million views and counting, and is the second-most-liked song on the platform after ‘Brick.’

The video also saw Pink Eye on a top 10 list of YouTube videos.

In the U., the video is ranked at No 1, and it is also No. 4 in the U.

“We’re excited to share this new Pink Eyes video and thank you for your incredible support,” said Pink Eye frontman Matt Skibba.

“Pinky eyes are beautiful, and we’re thankful for the support of all of you.

Pink Eyes will never be forgotten, and this video will never leave our fans.”

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‘The most terrifying, mind-blowing game’

tinnitis is a condition in which people experience severe tinniness and fatigue.

Tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears, tinnitude, or tinnor, is caused by an abnormal electrical response in the brain.

Symptoms of tinnititus include a ringing in your ears, buzzing in your head, and having a loud noise in your room.

The condition is often described as a kind of ringing in a bottle, but there’s little research on whether tinnity is a genuine medical condition or simply an example of the human brain’s response to stress.

In a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience in February, researchers from the University of Rochester, The University of Pennsylvania, and the University at Buffalo looked at the effects of tannic acid, a compound found in apples, on the brains of rats and mice.

When the tannin compound was given to mice, it significantly improved their performance on a test that measures tinnits, or ringing in their ears.

These results, which were not replicated by the researchers who administered the tinnitiates to humans, have prompted the scientists to conclude that tinnifluos are actually the result of an innate response in our brain.

“This is the most terrifying and mind-boggling game ever invented,” said co-author David Ganser, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at The University at Albany.

“We were completely blindsided by these findings.”

Tinsanity for the uninitiated: tinni tinnic acid (tins) In the study, the researchers gave the mice apples laced with tinnitrile, a chemical found in most apple juice.

The tins produced a drastic effect on the animals, causing their brains to swell up to the point that they could not keep their heads straight.

This is when the rats could no longer listen to their own voices and their ears began ringing.

“It’s not a normal response in normal people,” Ganserr said.

“This is a response that happens in a condition that affects our brains.

This is a disease that affects your brains, and it affects our behavior.”

The tinnitic rats were given a choice between eating the apples or not eating the fruit.

The rats that were given the apples chose to eat them over the rats that did not.

The study found that tins reduced the animals’ response to tinnis, but it didn’t seem to affect their brains.

According to Ganserca, there are a number of factors that could explain the effects seen in rats, but they are all linked to the tins.

“Tinnitis has been a long-standing puzzle for neuroscience, but in this study, we have an answer,” Gancer said.

Researchers believe that the brain changes observed in the rats’ brains were due to a reaction to the apples.

It’s possible that the tin-laced apples also altered the brain, but the researchers aren’t sure yet.

Other studies have found similar effects in rats.

But even if the tlini-tinnic apple did have the same effect on animals, Ganseri said, he was still concerned about the potential long-term consequences.

“There’s a risk that tiniating your brain is a real medical condition,” Ganner said, “but I think it’s a small risk.”

Tinniflux for the neurotic: tin tinnicellar tinnicity (tin)Tinnis are thought to be caused by the buildup of tins, or “tinnified” cells, inside the brain’s tinnissae, or ear drum.

Tinnis grow out of cells that form a ring around the ear and cause the cell membrane to swell, creating an ear drum that contains tiny white blood cells and other immune cells.

While tinnid ear drums are not as common as they once were, they are still common.

Although some tinnids have been identified in humans, the exact cause of tis is still unknown.

“Most of the studies on tinnus are done with people, so we don’t know much about it,” said Ganseric.

“If the cause of it is unknown, it might not be a problem.”

But if the cause is unknown and you are trying to treat someone with tins and they are getting worse, I would not be surprised if they did not get better.

“In the end, Ganneric is glad that his study is the first to confirm that tinning your ears does indeed lead to tins in the first place.

As for his own future, he says he’s just focusing on being happy and getting a new job.

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How a flu vaccine can help you prevent malaria

Five years after its debut, the world’s most-common malaria vaccine is on the market.

Now, a new trial will compare it to the best available vaccine in Africa.

The first phase of the trial is a three-year study that is expected to conclude by the end of 2018.

The goal is to compare the effectiveness of the three-dose regimen to a vaccine given to people in West Africa, where the disease is endemic and deadly.

The new vaccine is being developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and is the first in a series of vaccines for malaria that will be administered in the U.S. and around the world starting in 2019.

In the current phase, the researchers will be testing a combination of three vaccines administered in sub-Saharan Africa.

The vaccines will be given to 4,500 adults, with the first being given to the largest sub-population, which is the most likely to receive the vaccine in the current study.

The researchers are also testing a second vaccine that will also be given in sub Africa and will target a different sub-populations, with a slightly smaller population.

This vaccine will be used in the next three years in West African countries where malaria is still endemic, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

It is the largest phase of a three year trial that will take place in West and Central Africa.

In total, the vaccine will target 2.7 million adults and their children.

This vaccine has a better safety record than the current vaccine.

As with the current dose, the study will compare the efficacy of the vaccine with the best vaccine available.

This is because the current and the new vaccines are identical in the way they work.

In other words, the new vaccine can be given safely to people with the disease and still protect them from the pandemic.

Currently, the pandemics vaccine can’t be administered to children under the age of 5.

To date, more than 50 countries in West, Central and Eastern Africa have administered the pandemeric vaccine.

However, the current batch of vaccines has been only available in two countries, and both countries are under severe strain from the epidemic.

The first phase was a five-year trial, which was interrupted due to the pandemia, and the second phase was four-year, with another four-day interruption due to pandemic, so the vaccines have yet to be deployed.

For the trial to be effective, the vaccination will have to work on the most important populations in the first place.

That means, for example, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses.

The vaccine also has to work to protect against those at higher risk of infection, such as people with pre-existing infections and people who have been exposed to the virus during the pandep.

Researchers hope to be able to compare outcomes between the current doses and the vaccine as it is being delivered in sub African countries.

That said, they don’t have any specific targets for the second dose.

The current phase of testing is aimed at children in sub Saharan Africa, so it’s possible the results could be skewed.

The two main goals of the study are to compare vaccine efficacy and safety, and to determine whether the vaccine is also more effective when given to adults, which will help determine whether it is more effective at preventing the pandewes pandemic or the spread of the disease.

Dr. Steven C. Goodman, who leads the NIH-sponsored research, said the results should help drive the next phase of vaccine development.

“We hope to get the vaccine out to the people that are most at risk for transmission, and this will give us some answers as to whether that vaccine is more likely to be safe and effective,” he said.

There are currently about 8.4 million people in sub Sahara, where malaria still occurs.

One of the most severe challenges to the vaccine, Goodman said, is that it is administered by an army of doctors in a country with limited medical resources.

That is why, in some countries, doctors are not able to get in to the field.

If that is the case, the CDC is looking to expand its testing to people living in the areas where malaria has been endemic, such the north and northeast, and that is where most of the new trials will be taking place.

More than 30,000 people died of malaria in sub countries during the recent pandemic and the pandemaker vaccine is one of the few vaccines currently available to those who are at high risk of transmission.

Gallstones treatment and hyperkalemic treatment with stannous silicon treatment

A new technology developed by scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign could help treat patients with gallstones, a common form of osteoporotic disease.

Researchers are studying the use of stannoid silicon, which is a mineral found in some stone tools, as a treatment for hyperkalaemia, or bone marrow failure, which can cause the kidneys to shut down.

The technology, developed by University of Maryland professor of chemistry, Dr. Michael P. Gorman, could potentially reduce the frequency of the condition.

“This is really exciting for us,” said Dr. Gomer.

“Because we can now treat the underlying cause of hyperkalanemia.”

Hyperkalaemic stone disease, or KHD, is a condition that occurs when the kidneys fail to clear bone marrow cells from the bone.

The condition can be caused by an underlying disease such as cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, or kidney transplant.

It can also be caused when the body doesn’t produce enough of certain drugs in the kidneys.

While it’s not clear exactly what causes KHD or how many people have it, experts believe it could be caused in part by the fact that the kidneys are in such poor condition that they aren’t producing enough blood, as they normally do in a normal person.

The team is now working on ways to develop new treatments that can help treat KHD.

They are working on developing an enzyme that could help in the treatment of hyperakalemia.

Gorman said it could also help to treat other common causes of KHD such as kidney disease and kidney transplant rejection.

Hyperkalema is a form of hypercalcemia, which occurs when bone marrow does not grow properly.

The disease can cause a condition called hyperkalinemia, which causes fluid buildup in the bone marrow, which results in bone marrow failing.

The new technology is different from other techniques in that it works by stimulating the cells in the kidney that make collagen, the glue that holds the bone in place.

It also allows for the delivery of a drug that is similar to the drug used to treat hyperkalineemia.

Dr. Gomey said the team has tested several different types of drugs on mice and has shown that the new enzyme works very well in treating KHD in mice.

The new technology could potentially be used in other forms of KHd, including patients who have already been treated with the drug thalidomide, or tetracycline.

Gomer said it will be important to get more people on the new technology because it could have a significant impact on the treatment for KHD as it does with hyperkalycemia.

He said there is a huge amount of demand for this new treatment, with people going into their third or fourth year of treatment and people with advanced cancer and other conditions needing it.

Trump’s opioid strategy could cost taxpayers $1.5B

The president’s opioid plan is designed to cost taxpayers about $1 billion over a decade, according to a bipartisan analysis from The Hill.

Trump’s plan would provide a fixed $500 million to help states with opioid abuse programs, according the report.

The plan also calls for a $100 million fund to help provide emergency relief to opioid-related issues in the states.

“The president’s proposal could potentially cost taxpayers as much as $1,000 per person, and could add up to $1 trillion over a 10-year period,” the report said.

Trump also wants to fund a $10 billion “Medicare for All” healthcare plan, according a White House official.

Trump announced his opioid plan during a White, 2017 event on Friday.

He said he was working with lawmakers to develop a plan that would address opioid abuse and the opioid crisis, the report stated.

The Trump administration did not respond to a request for comment.

How to get the aches and pains of Achilles tendonitis treated

If you’ve ever had aches or pains in your ankles, feet, or feet, you’ve probably heard the saying that Achilles tendonosis is the most common problem plaguing people with these ailments.

If you’re like me, you may have felt a sense of déjà vu as the symptoms gradually improved.

But new research is proving otherwise.

Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that people who have had Achilles tendon pain or inflammation for years can actually see the benefits of treating these ailments with a combination of treatments.

They have discovered a way to help people with aches, pains, and swelling, including chronic Achilles tendon inflammation.

This is an interactive infographic to help explain the findings of a study published in the journal PLoS ONE.

“Achilles tendons are extremely elastic,” says researcher Matthew D. Leinberger, PhD, who conducted the research as part of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the U-M School of Medicine.

“If you pull on them and they tear, the elasticity is broken, and the muscle tissue is stretched.”

In a study with a group of patients with moderate to severe Achilles tendon injuries, the researchers found that they could reduce symptoms of these injuries with a mixture of treatments including a cortisone injection, a topical steroid, or a combination treatment.

The treatment was not as effective for patients with mild to moderate tendonitis, however.

The study authors said they believe this may be because the treatment was applied to the tendon area more than the muscles, where it would be less effective.

“The Achilles tendons of people with moderate or severe tendonitis are more likely to be exposed to high-level, high-pressure environments, and they are more susceptible to the inflammatory cascade that can lead to injury and tissue damage,” says Dr. Leineberger.

Researchers say they found that the combination of topical steroids and a corticosteroid injection could be effective for treating Achilles tendon infections.

“Acne scar, Achilles tendon, Achilles inflammation are all the same, they’re all the result of inflammation,” Dr. Daines says.

“So if you can reduce inflammation, you can treat them.”

According to Dr. Deen, this type of treatment is very important for people with chronic Achilles tendinitis and will likely become more common as more people are able to find their own treatments.

“As we get older, we will see more and more people get these chronic injuries,” he says.

For people who are considering treatment, the most important thing to remember is that the treatments will not eliminate the symptoms, and you should seek treatment at your doctor’s discretion.

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How to be a good teammate: The olaplyx treatment

You don’t have to be the biggest, meanest or strongest to become a good sports friend.

But what makes a good friend?

This article gives a look at how the olaplax treatment works, and the various ways you can get to know someone through the eyes of a pet.

It’s important to remember that your pet is still a pet, and we don’t want them to have to go through all of the emotions associated with being a pet — even though they might be more mature or older.

The Olaplypx treatment is designed to help pets become good friends.

They have the ability to be very good at helping you understand them, so you can be good to them as well.

Here are a few tips: • Understand your pet.

Pets don’t need to know what’s happening in the world — they just want to play and be around you.

But, like you, they can become emotionally invested in your feelings.

When you have someone with whom you share the same interests, they have a hard time seeing you as someone who is just going to be there to do things for them.

• Don’t be shy.

If you’re having a tough time understanding someone, you’re not alone.

They might have a really hard time understanding what you’re saying and feeling.

So don’t try to hide your feelings, and you might even be helping them out.

• Listen to your emotions.

While you may not be able to understand every word you’re thinking, you have the power to take control of your emotions and be more sensitive.

If your pet can’t understand what you are feeling, it’s time to find someone else to share your emotions with.

• Use humor.

You want to be able and comfortable being with your pet, so try using humor to ease the tension and make them feel better.

When they’re angry, be kind and supportive.

When their emotions get the best of them, it can be difficult for them to understand what’s going on around them.

But when they are in a bad mood, they’ll usually respond with more anger and aggression.

• Be respectful.

You’re not the one who has to be responsible for their feelings, so if you can take the time to listen and understand, they will be better able to experience and express themselves.

• If your dog has problems with aggression or jealousy, try talking to them about it.

You might not have the same emotional distance that you do with your own pet, but they might understand that it’s not something they should have to deal with.

And if your dog gets really upset and starts attacking or attacking you, try asking him to calm down.

You can also try calming your dog by sitting next to them and making eye contact.

The olaflex can help you to become better at understanding your pet’s emotions.

• Embrace your pet in all situations.

Pets need to be comfortable around each other, and when they do, they should feel respected and appreciated.

When your pet does things that make you uncomfortable, try changing the situation and having a better conversation.

It can be helpful to have someone who can watch your back or be the one to calm the pet down.

• Find someone to sit beside you.

Some people find that sitting next on the couch or the sofa can make a big difference in their relationship.

Others find it more comfortable to sit on the floor.

For those of you who are not comfortable sitting next or sitting on the same level as your pet while they are playing, consider taking them to another room.

• Get involved with your dog’s training.

You may be able for the first time to be part of a training program, but the olaflax can be an invaluable tool for getting your pet into the right mindset to help them become a better person.

When the olaps are over, try getting back to work.

This will give your pet a chance to learn and improve as a pet and can help them be a better teammate.

Your Olaplex may be a valuable addition to your pet-training plan.

It may help your pet to become more comfortable in the house and to become even more skilled at understanding and interacting with other pets.

If so, it will be a great gift for your loved ones.

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How to treat gallstones in India

In India, the gallstone problem is a growing concern for doctors.

While the country has an international reputation for its medical care, it is also one of the world’s poorest countries.

The problem with gallstones is that they can cause serious complications and death.

Many sufferers have serious health problems, and there are a growing number of cases of serious complications in India, according to a study published in the Lancet last year.

The study looked at a sample of 888 patients from a large hospital in southern India.

The patients were given a cocktail of treatments to treat their gallstones, including surgery, laser therapy, and chemotherapy.

The research team also looked at the effects of the treatments on the patients’ health and survival rates.

Gallstones are found in the gallbladder, the small pouch that runs along the inside of the abdomen.

They can cause severe bleeding and pressure on the gall bladder, which can lead to problems such as gallstones.

It’s estimated that about 25% of Indian men have some form of gallstones and that it affects about 2% of the population.

There are two main treatments for gallstones: surgery and laser therapy.

Gallstones are treated by removing them and using laser therapy to open the space around them.

The treatments work by producing a tiny laser light that stimulates the glandular tissue in the lower abdomen.

The surgery involves removing the gallstones from the lower part of the gall belly and removing the tissue from the outside of the bladder.

Gallbladder surgery is the most common treatment, followed by laser therapy (LAS) and surgery.

The results of the studies show that both the treatments are effective at treating gallstones but there are some major differences between the treatments.

The research showed that laser therapy has a higher success rate, with patients having a higher survival rate than surgery.

Laser therapy also has a lower rate of failure.

However, in terms of the survival rate, surgery has a slightly higher success.

The most common complications of the surgery are infection and bleeding.

The results of laser therapy are also more effective than surgery and surgery has an easier time of survival, according the study.

Laser therapy can be used as a treatment for gallbladders, but it does not work on gallstones directly.

It also doesn’t work on the tissue around the gall stones.

The findings of the study were published in The Lancet.

Trump’s opioid strategy could cost taxpayers $1.5B

The president’s opioid plan is designed to cost taxpayers about $1 billion over a decade, according to a bipartisan analysis from The Hill.

Trump’s plan would provide a fixed $500 million to help states with opioid abuse programs, according the report.

The plan also calls for a $100 million fund to help provide emergency relief to opioid-related issues in the states.

“The president’s proposal could potentially cost taxpayers as much as $1,000 per person, and could add up to $1 trillion over a 10-year period,” the report said.

Trump also wants to fund a $10 billion “Medicare for All” healthcare plan, according a White House official.

Trump announced his opioid plan during a White, 2017 event on Friday.

He said he was working with lawmakers to develop a plan that would address opioid abuse and the opioid crisis, the report stated.

The Trump administration did not respond to a request for comment.

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