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Doctors give broken ribs treatment, treatment for cancer

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced Wednesday that it will begin treating the injured on its Corps of Engineer Corps of Materials in the United States with a radiation treatment that involves injecting the cancer-causing radioactive isotope thorium-233 into the skin.

A team of radiation experts will inject thorium into the face, neck and body of the corpsmen and will use a machine that can measure the levels of radiation in the blood, the Corps said in a statement.

The radiation is a form of radiation therapy known as thorium dioxide, which is a powerful form of low-level radioactive material that is used to treat cancer and other illnesses.

The radiation treatment is similar to that done on the Army’s wounded soldiers during World War II and will be administered in person, the corps said.

The treatment is a relatively new technique and the Corps is the first to use it on corpsmen.

The Army’s medical team will begin testing the treatment for its own corpsmen this summer.

The corpsmen are the most heavily-armed and most physically demanding corpsmen in the Army.

The corps has nearly a million active and reserve members, according to the Army Times, and its strength is about 70 percent of the U.N. standard.

The Corps of Engineering’s thorium treatment was first used in the Pacific in the early 1980s to treat people suffering from cancer and heart disease.

But in recent years, the U,S.

has become increasingly interested in thorium as a cancer treatment.

Thorium dioxide is produced by the nuclear industry in pools of the element and then injected into the bloodstream to induce its absorption by the body.

The U,s.

Navy and other military agencies have also begun using thorium to treat a variety of cancers, including cancerous tumors in the eyes, lungs, kidneys and bones.

The U.K.’s National Health Service has tested thorium, and it has been approved by the U.,s.

Food and Drug Administration, for use in treating many cancers.

But Thorium dioxide isn’t the only treatment being considered.

The National Institutes of Health has begun testing a new treatment, known as cryo-therapy, that is believed to use a form the thorium is extracted from radioactive water in which the body can store it for up to five years.

Cryo-Therapy is also being studied in other countries, including Canada and Japan.

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